Back To School

Welcome back...

Please read the August newsletter and make sure you have the supplies listed below to start your year off right! Want to download so you can print? Scroll to the bottom.

2017-2018 Taos Academy School Supply List

Highlighted Items are left at school to be shared with all students. Don’t put your name on these items since they will be collected. Other items are for your personal use, you may label these.

2 boxes Kleenex Tissues
3 reams
1 ream
White Copy Paper
Colored Copy Paper
Composition Books
1 pkg #2 Pencils
(NO Mechanical)
2 pkgs manual pencil sharpener
1 pr scissors
2 boxes Clorox cleaning wipes
2 Single Subject Notebooks
1 pkg graph paper or 2 spiral graph notebooks

For your use
1 Calculator w/sq root
2 Single Subject Notebooks
2 Headphones/
Ear Buds*

*For RosettaStone, headphones with microphone is helpful if your computer doesn’t have a built-in microphone.