Melissa Montoya

Melissa Montoya
School Counselor
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Building/Department Assignments:
Taos Academy Charter School - District Staff

Biographical Information:
I was born and raised in Taos.  I love working with people and building relationships.  I completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and my minor in biblical studies.  
I have devoted my life to working with children of all ages but my favorite is the teens and young adults.  I find that students are so interesting and fun to be around.  I feel being around the youth of today is my secret to staying young. I started in my early 20's working and volunteering with teens and going to summer camps, field trips, and concerts.    My strengths are working with students in groups and helping them make life decisions, working on achievements, and encouraging them to follow their passions.  I am happy to be a part of the Taos Academy Community.

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