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21st Century Learning

Our 21st Century Curriculum

In addition to core curriculum requirements served by our online content providers, TA students must engage a number of face-to-face electives which support achievement of 21st Century Learning benchmarks. Our program will develop these characteristics in our students.


Components of Leadership

Service Learning integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teaches responsible citizenship, and strengthens communities.

Emotional Intelligence is a way of understanding and shaping how we think, feel, and act. Improved emotional intelligence skills create higher achievement and improved social skills. Emotional Intelligence contributes to successful interpersonal and interpersonal relationships at school, at home, and at work.
Environmental education curriculum will help students practice and build upon their leadership and Emotional Intelligence skills. Engaging students in lessons about environmental issues broadens their perspective on the world and promotes stewardship in a consumer society.

•    Service Learning (SL)
•    Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
•    Environmental Education (EE)

Global Studies

Students in Global Studies explore the world, culture and international citizenship.

Level I -"Global Adventures"
Middle school students explore the five themes of geography, map skills and create projects.
Level II -"Virtual Vacation"
Middle school students explore geography and cultural perspectives. They demonstrate their findings in a presentation of the project. Below are some examples of student work.
Level III - "The Race Around The World"
Upper level middle school students and high school underclassmen compete a virtual race traveling to 7 continents, documenting currency used, accrued, lodging, food, miles traveled, and distance traveled. Winners will have traveled the furthest and spent the least amount of money.
Level IV - "UN Mock Conference"
High school upperclassmen participate in cultural studies that focus on varying perspectives, international current events and the history behind them. This class culminates in a four day United Nations Mock Conference. Students represent a country delegate and their perspective with research and debate skills.

Smart Lab

Circle Tool
In the Smart Lab, students use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to design and build everything from digital art to original robots. 

Grades 5/6 -"Exploring Smart Lab"
Fifth and sixth graders explore computing skills, technology use, typing, and personal safety on the internet. They will create a showcase of all their work to present to their peers.
Grades 7/8 -"Collaborative Projects"
Seventh and eighth grade students choose and create two projects of their own design. They learn effective use of social networking, collaborative wiki and web design, and honing technical skills.
Grades 9/10 - "Gearing up for Competition"
High school freshmen and sophomores create high quality projects with an emphasis on showcasing their work. In addition, students pursue proficiency at keyboarding and computer skills. During the semester, students will submit at least one piece of work to STEM related competition.
Grades 11/12 - "STEM Career Exploration"
Juniors and seniors reflect on and explore career opportunities. Students select a STEM profession, work with mentors in the field, and create a career portfolio of professional calibre.