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We asked parents to share their thoughts with us about their experience with Taos Academy.

Here is a selection of the kind words they offered.

Taos Academy Charter School cannot be understood through words - only through experience. You experience a warm and passionate staff, a comparatively unique student body, and a well-rounded education.
Damille Devenyi - student, class of 2016

My daughter has flourished in this specialized environment which has offered her a constructive setting where she has been able to self-regulate and function independently in her studies.
John Biscello - parent of a 7th grader

 There are many things we love about Taos Academy. We love that our child has the ability to go at her own pace and also it is challenging her in areas of interest and maintaining a high-level in other areas. We also enjoy the flexible schedule at Taos Academy. Bonus!  
Doug and Stacy Kast - parents of an 8th grader

 Taos Academy challenges students - and our generation of parents - with a new model of learning that has brought out our son's self-discipline and motivation and raised his confidence.  we are extrememly pleased and delighted and appreciative.
Sasha Dorje Meyerowitz - parent of a 6th grader

 We chose Taos Academy because of the individualized and flexible curriculum it offers. We are impressed with how they offer such varied and creative classes while maintaining high academic standards.
Aicha Froeschle - parent of a 6th and 8th grader

 Taos Academy has given us the freedom and encouragement to grow beyond what we thought was possible.
Rose Lion - parent of a 6th grader

 I am very happy my son is here. Teachers and other staff are very helpful and I feel my son is safe here and gets a lot of help with his work.
Kathy Archuleta - parent

 I would like to commend staff on the great job they do with our students!  Thanks for your promptness, organization, and positive attitudes.
Jennifer Martinez - parent

I really can't find the words to articulate just how happy we are with TA. I keep trying to compose a thoughtful email, but it is beyond my ability to truly express. So let me simply say, our son has transformed. He is so incredibly happy! It is amazing for us to watch. It has also been mind blowing to feel this level of support from the entire staff for our child. Your school is such a gift. Thank you!
Michele Padberg - parent

Our son started school at Taos Academy as part of the first freshman class in 2009. Not only did he make lifelong friends here, but he also found his “niche,” both socially and academically. The staff and curriculum at Taos Academy gave him the opportunity to explore his personal strengths and interests, from acting and singing, to playing music with Jimmy Stadler, to studying Calculus and Astronomy in dual-credit UNM classes. He was given such encouragement at TA that he learned to dream big, and I believe this played a significant role in his high school success, which has led to personal growth and academic excellence in his higher education experiences.

Now, our daughter is a senior at Taos Academy, and after enduring the negative effects of bullying at other schools, she is flourishing in TA’s positive, safe environment. She’s making friends and enjoying the same kind of academic and personal success her brother did before her. We couldn’t be more pleased with the support you’ve offered our family, and the wonderful opportunities for success that you’ve given our children. Thank you so much!  

Tami Martinson - parent