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Our Founders

Taos Academy’s vision was created by a team of educational professionals wanting to meet the needs of 21st century learners, the digital generation. This generation has become detached from traditional delivery methods and wants more from their learning environments. We see this as an opportunity to combine our knowledge of best practices from a traditional educational delivery system with innovations from the 21st century. With our combined experiences of more than 30 years in education, we believe we have developed a hybrid learning environment that meets the needs of the “digital citizen”.

Mrs. Traci Filiss has been an educator for 14 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology Curriculum and Design with an emphasis in digital education. Mrs. Filiss was the founder of a successful distance learning program recognized by The New Mexico School Board Association for excellence in innovation for education. With Mrs. Filiss’ expertise in digital education and technology, she brings a wealth of experience and dedication to Taos Academy.Quoted from Mrs. Filiss, “In the past 10 years K-12 digital curriculum has come a long way.  We now have fully animated, interactive curriculum that engages the learner and encourages them to seek out more information on topics of interest. With the development of tele-immersion programs, students can now also engage with other learning forums to increase their global learning experiences. I look forward to the opportunity to bring a new environment for learning to the youth in Taos.”

Mrs. Karin Moulton has been an educator for 15 years in both public and private schools. Mrs. Moulton has been recognized for her work with the gifted and talented. She has gained the respect and recognition for being a highly effective teacher as well as an advocate for student rights. With this experience Mrs. Moulton brings the understanding of the importance for students to have the 21st century leadership skills necessary to succeed in the modern world. Skills such as creative critical thinking, collaboration and communication, global awareness, personal responsibility and career and life skills are all important in today’s world. With Mrs. Moulton's passion and vision, she brings the best of personal skills, excitement, and commitment to Taos Academy. Quoted from Mrs. Moulton, “Every child in public school should have an individualized plan for their education.  Families shouldn’t have to pay tuition at a private school in order to get their needs met.  Education of a child is more than academics alone.  It takes experiences with peers and within the community, interactions that develop communication and problem solving skills.  I hope Taos Academy will be an inherent part of our Taos community, preparing our children to be successful in their lives.”

Taos Academy Governing Council is dedicated to providing new educational opportunities. They look forward to working with the community to make a difference for the youth in Taos.