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Unique Approach

A Unique Approach to Learning

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We combine a strong core curriculum focused on mastery with an emphasis on 21st Century Learning skills, workplace skills, technology skills and emotional intelligence skills to develop well-rounded life long learners.

Taos Academy uses a variety of digital core curriculum providers, including Edgenuity, RosettaStone, and Khan Academy designed to motivate students while meeting and exceeding all state standards. The curriculum meets each student at their personal learning level and prescribes a learning path that best fits their academic growth. Students are assessed and given an individual learning plan (ILP) according to the skills assessment, not grade level. A student may need remediation in one area yet be strong in another. This is the beauty of digital education. We can customize the learning for each student to best fit the need.

Key Unique Features of our Curriculum Design/Delivery

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•    State-of-the art electronic curricula allows for flexibility in scheduling and enables teachers to specifically tailor instruction to individual student needs.
•    State-of-the-art media arts lab and a science/math/engineering lab
•    High academic standards focusing on continuing education preparation.
•    Dual credit and advanced placement options permitting students to earn college credit while attending high school.
•    Internship program for students who may not be college bound.
•    High vocational standards focusing on media arts and engineering.
•    Parent involvement on advisory groups and fund raising
•    Community collaboration to support enrichment opportunities.
•    Outdoor education and leadership training.
•    Focus on 21st Century Learning Skills

Life and Career Skills

•    Flexibility and Adaptability
•    Initiative and Self Direction
•    Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
•    Productivity and Accountability
•    Leadership and Responsibility

Learning and Innovation Skills

•    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
•    Creativity and Innovation
•    Communication and Collaboration

Information, Media and Technology Skills

•    Information Literacy
•    Media Literacy
•    ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) Literacy

Curriculum Areas

Reading, Writing, Language Arts

•    Language Arts - all levels
•    Basic Reading Skills
•    Classics Novel Reading
•    Communication and Speech
•    Literacy and Comprehension
•    Writing Process & Practice


•    Life Science
•    Physical Science
•    Earth & Space Science
•    Biology
•    Chemistry
•    Environmental
•    Physics


•    Foundational Math
•    Problem Solving & Data Skills
•    Financial Math
•    Algebra I and II
•    Geometry
•    Math Models and Application
•    Calculus I and II
•    Trigonometry

Social Studies

•    American History
•    European History
•    World History
•    Global Studies
•    Geography
•    Civics
•    U.S. Government
•    Economics

Leadership Classes

•    Emotional Intelligence
•    Advisory Council
•    Outdoor Education
•    Community Service
•    College Preparation or Internship

Enrichment Classes

•    Writing Workshops
•    Art Classes with STEM Arts
•    Music
•    Technology
•    Others upon availability

Life & Career Skills

•    Business Basics
•    Accounting
•    Job Skills
•    Computer Applications
•    Sociology/Psychology
•    Informational Reading
•    Workplace Writing
•    Communication Skills
•    Health
•    Music Appreciation
•    Art History
•    Driver's Education

Smart Labs

•    Science & Math lab
•    Digital Arts lab
•    Music lab
•    Technology lab

Detailed descriptions are available by request. See requirements.
Other electives and AP classes available by request.