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Phone: 575-751-3109 | Fax: 575-751-3394
110 Paseo del Cañon West Taos, NM 87571

Community Crisis Resources

Suicide Textline - 741741
Emergency Room - 911
Golden Willow Retreat - 575-776-2024
Ted Wiard - 505-690-0126
Jill Cline - 575-770-1327
Vaya del Sol - 575-751-7037
Non-Violence Works - 575-758-4297
Tri-County - 575-758-5857
24-7 Emergency - 575-758-1125
Risa Lehrer - 575-758-3913
Dream Tree - 575-758-9595
Marsha Carlson - 650-933-8367
National Suicide Hotline - 800-273-8255
Youth Hotline - 877-968-8454
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -1-800-273-(TALK) (8255)
Sky Center

McKinney Vento Information

Eligibility and Contact Information

The McKinney Vento Act requires schools to enroll students experiencing homelessness immediately even if the documentation requested for enrollment is not available.All students have a right to a free and appropriate education.

-Families who are doubled up, due to hardship (living with friends or relatives)
-Families who live in a shelter
-Families who live in hotels/motels
-Families who live in public abandoned places
-Family lives in a place that does not have appropriate accommodations (Such as:lacks water, lacks electricity or heat, lacks working kitchen or working bathroom, is infested with vermin or mold; presents danger to adults, children or persons with disabilities)

If you think you may be eligible please contact:
Melissa Montoya, McKinney Vento Laison
[email protected] 
575-571-751-3109 ext 105