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Parent Advisory/Equity Council

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The Parent Advisory is a group of parent volunteers who are committed to directing positive change at the school. Parent Advisory meetings create opportunities for parents to meet and voice concerns and ideas to improve the Taos Academy community.

Meetings take place the last Tuesday of every month, at the school. Any parents are welcome to join.

Taos Academy Equity Council

Taos Academy has implemented an Equity Council to address the needs of our diverse student population.

Taos Academy equity council has been developed through TA’s parent advisory council and will continue to be part of the school's efforts to reach out to the TA community to set guidance in the areas of most interest to parents as well as developing an equity plan.

At least half of the total membership must represent the student groups identified in the Court’s ruling in the Martinez/Yazzie case — students with disabilities, Native American students, students who are English learners, and economically disadvantaged students.

The process for serving on this council is described below as well as the members:

  1. Presented a request to join Taos Academy's Equity Council at the December 17th parent advisory meeting as an opportunity to guide decisions made to address the needs for Native Americans, English Language Learners, Special Education and economically disadvantaged students.

  2. Presented need, processes and approval for the development of Taos Academy’s Equity Council at the December 9th GC meeting. Approved the participants on the  Taos Academy Equity Council at the January 13th Governing Council meeting.

  3. Members: Traci FIliss (Executive Director) Warren Kelly (ELL), Kat Pac (Student), Cruz Duran (Econ Dis, and Jason Weisfeld (SPED).

Adopted January 2020