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Governing Council

Governing Council

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The Governing Council oversees Taos Academy's policies, operations and development. Get Involved!

The Governing Council meets the second Monday of every month at 5:30pm at Taos Academy. Students, parents, staff and community members are welcome to attend.

Watch Live Meeting Link (Active ONLY during meetings)

Governing Council Agendas and Approved Minutes 

TACS Charter Documentation

Members of the Taos Academy Charter School Governing Council on occasion may attend public functions resulting in a possible quorum of the Governing Council. Members of the GC will refrain from discussing school business at these public functions and/or social gatherings.

Governing Council Members

Traci Filis
Filiss, Traci
Co-Founder/Director, Principal, Superintendent, GC Non Voting Member

Welcome to Taos Academy. I am the co-founder and Director of Taos Academy. I have been an innovator in education for many years. My career began with teaching middle and HS Sciences in Vermont. After moving to NM and teaching third grade for 12 years, I decided to get my masters in Instructional Technology with an focus on instructional design. This degree allowed my to venture into the early digital learning world. I was the founder and Director of a fully virtual school called Wheeler Peak. With an understanding of both digital and non digital learning best practices, I decided to work on a blended model of education. Taos Academy is the blended model of education envisioned many years ago. Innovation and transformation in education is a passion for me.

Moulton, Karin
Moulton, Karin
Taos Academy Co-Founder, Community Coordinator, GC Non Voting Member

Mrs. Karin Moulton has been an educator for 20 years in both public and private schools. With this experience Mrs. Moulton brings the understanding of the importance for students to have the 21st century leadership skills necessary to succeed in the modern world. Skills such as creative critical thinking, collaboration and communication, global awareness, personal responsibility and career and life skills are all important in today’s world.

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Dr. Dean Caldwell 
GC President

Herskovits, Simeon
Herskovits, Simeon
GC Secretary

Gomez, Deanna
Gomez, Deanna
Business Manager, GC Non Voting Member

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Mellinger, Donna 
GC Vice President

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Quintana Shannon, Karen
GC Treasurer